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Historical information

Kelley Elementary History

Kelley Elementary was built in 1965.  Dr. Leslie Fisher was the superintendent for Moore Public Schools at that time.  Kelley Elementary was named after Laurence Kelley.   Mr. Kelley was a teacher, a developer, and a builder and donated a portion of his farm to build a new elementary school in Moore. 

During the late 1970's Kelley Elementary was the largest elementary school in the State of Oklahoma.  It had close to 1000 students.
The May 3, 1999 tornado destroyed the building but did not destroy the spirit of those who had worked there and those who attended our school.   The school was rebuilt on the same foundation, thus preserving the look and feel of the school that had educated so many children.  When Kelley re-opened in the fall of 2000 it was a state of the arts school.  The halls have been made into "safe rooms".  In the hallways, overhead doors now shut down, efficiently enclosing each hall and preventing the wind tunnel effect.  

Since 1965, many faces have walked these halls.  They found this school to be a safe place to grow and learn. Each person touched by this school has left with pockets full of knowledge and a heart full of love.